Hey friends! We're all about reaching more people with the life-changing message of Jesus. And you can help make that happen by writing positive reviews for our church online. 


When you look for a new restaurant to visit, you probably check the reviews first. And people looking for a church do the same thing. In your reviews for our church, you can add photos, be specific about why you love being part of the church, and share why someone should come check it out. Here are some example reviews people have left for our church:


               "Bethel is a place like none I've ever seen. I've been in front and behind the scenes as a member and volunteer in multiple faith-based

                organizations. It is one of the most genuine, diverse, and authentic houses of worship I've ever seen. It is a great place! I recommend you

                come and join my family and me as we attend, serve and build our personal relationship with Christ. You can belong, believe, become

                and build the kingdom as it was intended!"


              "I’m beyond grateful for Bethel!! From the Pastoral team, leadership and church body, I know every single time I walk into Bethel, I’m

               greeted with an overwhelming sense of love and value❤️  This church has changed my life in countless ways!! I’ve been forever

               impacted through the relationships I have formed through Bethel and how God continues to use Bethel to transform countless lives. The

               growth in my faith I have experienced is truly immeasurable and my walk with Jesus has magnified through the revelation I constantly

               receive through the house of Bethel!"

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